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[ox] Red Hat Center for Open Source

Liebe Oekonuxen und Wossies,

hier ein Hinweis auf eine m.E. interessante Entwicklung bei Red Hat.
Von `':

  Red Hat Center for Open Source

  Red Hat, Inc. has announced the formation of a new non-profit
  organization, the Red Hat Center for Open Source (RHCOS), that will
  sponsor, support, promote and engage in a wide range of scientific
  and educational projects intended to advance the social principles
  of open source for the greater good of the general public. RHCOS
  will foster projects that advance the philosophy of open source,
  through which collaborative intellectual pursuits produce results to
  be freely shared and enhanced throughout society. Red Hat, Inc.
  co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Marc Ewing will devote
  considerable time and effort to the new organization as a Founding

  In addition to Ewing and Young, the Board of Directors for RHCOS
  includes well-known innovators and thought leaders. Board members

  *   John Seely Brown, Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and
      Director of its Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). His personal
      research interests include digital culture, ubiquitous
      computing, user-centering design and organizational and
      individual learning. A major focus of Brown's research over the
      years has been in human learning and the management of radical

  *   John Gilmore, entrepreneur and free software pioneer. The
      architect of the first Sun workstations, Gilmore is a co-founder
      of Cygnus Solutions, a co-founder of the Electronic Frontier
      Foundation and a leading advocate for intellectual freedom.

  *   Lawrence Lessig, Berkman Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.
      Lessig teaches and writes in the areas of constitutional law,
      contracts, comparative constitutional law and the law of

  *   Sim B. Sitkin, PhD, Associate Professor at the Fuqua School of
      Business, Duke University. Professor Sitkin's teaching interests
      include managerial effectiveness, organizational behavior,
      organization design, organizational control and the management
      of organizational change.

  RHCOS will initially be funded with $8 million in a combination of
  cash and Red Hat common stock donated by Red Hat, Inc. and three
  founding investors of Red Hat: Young; Ewing; and Frank Batten, Chief
  Executive Officer of Landmark Communications. Details regarding
  grant criteria and the application process are currently being
  determined by the Board of Directors and will be released at a later

  For more information, email center

Lawrence Lessig ist auch in dem WOS-Beitrag von Lutterbeck/Ishii
mehrfach erwähnt worden, der auf beiden Listen verteilt wurde.

						Mit li(e)bertären Grüßen



[English translation]
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