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Re: [ox] Antikultur auf Betacity

Stefan Merten on Sat, 24 Feb 2001 wrote

   Well, personally I tend to forget to put a copyright in the software
   I'm writing. This sort of "claiming" ownership simply doesn't matter
   to me, and so the position to safe "intellectual property" from
   "abuse" to me looks as strange as lying about the origins of
   something. Well, this is my personal feeling.

   However, I noticed (shortly, I have to admit) that there are many
   people, who have the attitude reflected above about "their"
   "intellectual property". In particular it was a German author who
   expressed the same anger as the writer above about a case of "abuse"
   of her "intellectual property".

IMO this has nothing to do with "intellectual property" in the sense
of the IPR people (i.e. to get money out of it) but is a very old and
very deeply rooted tradition in science to honour the people who first
discovered ideas.  It's a kind of assigning non economic 'value' (die
von mir ins Gespräch gebrachte ontologische Wertdimension?). 

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