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[ox-de-raw] Freie Projekte - Hardware: Solar Cooker

bin wieder dabei, mit dem sehr beschränkten Zweck die Liste freier
Projekte hier und im Wiki zu erweitern.

dabei denke ich an folgendes Format (Mehrwert der Liste gegenüber dem Wiki)

1. eventuell Link und kurze Beschreibung der Technologie
2. Zusätzliche Bemerkungen und Bewertung 
3. Verweis auf die Wikiseite, wo die Information in einen inhaltlichen
Kontext gestellt wurde.

heute folgendes:


Quelle: arcology yahoogroup 24.11.06

"The Open Source Solar Powered Cooking & Canning Project has been underway
for some time.  We have made several prototypes, but think the design
needs to be more rigid. We tare looking for people with competence in
architecture, ecology assist us in designing a better cooker.

We want the cooker to be inexpensive and easily assembled.  It also needs
to be light weight and portable, easily set up and taken down and
repacked.  We are constructing it out of cardboard because we think it and
paper are the best and most effective materials for this application. 
Further, they could even be from recycled sources."

Best Regards,
Terri Markle and Greg Pettengill
"Part of the art of living 
is living with art."

"With so much of the patentable rights to this technology in the public
domain, we feel that it would be counter productive to use traditional
Business Models.    We anticipate that by applying the principals of a
proven "Open Source" Business Model that originated in certain Computer
Software Development, this technology will have a viable way to
continually evolve and improve.   As the market and demand grow, we will
be able to manufacture and distribute our products and services at lower
costs.    An exponential economic re-enforcing effect (commonly referred
to as "plowing back") will be created by passing on these savings directly
to the end consumer.    This will in turn enlarge the potential market
ever further."

Zum Einsatz von Solarkochern und zu ihrer Wirksamkeit vergleiche etwa hier:


Dokumentiert im Wiki:


[English translation]
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