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[ox-de-raw] Admin: Spam protection for Oekonux Wiki

Hi Oekonuxis!

During the last couple of weeks spammers found the Oekonux Wiki and
started spamming it.

As a spam protection measure you needed to have an account to edit
pages but unfortunately this stopped working :-( . Spammers now create
accounts and create their link-spam pages with this.

A few minutes ago I added an additional spam protection measure. If
you now want to create a new account you need to give not only a new
password for your new personal account - which is of course secret -
but an additional account creation password. This account creation
password is more or less public. Every legitimate user should know it
- like the persons subscribed to the Oekonux lists. Therefore I
publish it here. At the moment it is


Existing accounts are not affected by this change.

In case it doesn't work as expected feel free to contact me or projekt
AT oekonux DOT de.

I'm really sorry about this but spammers step by step destroy all open
infrastructures in the Internet. It's a pity but unless money is
abandoned I guess there is little there can be done about it :-/ .



[English translation]
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