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[chox] (Fwd) [train] The Market Logic of Information

The Market Logic of Information
                           Philip E. Agre

  Department of Information Studies University of California, Los 

There can be no doubting that advanced information technologies will bring 
large-scale social change. The technology is advancing at an extraordinary 
rate in quantitative terms, and it will probably continue to improve by a 
factor of 100 each decade. Sheer computing power and communications 
bandwidth will be abundant. The hard question is what direction the 
consequent social changes will take. The technology is not only increasingly 
powerful but highly malleable. Its qualitative architecture is capable of 
evolving in many different directions, depending on who can assemble the 
resources to build it and secure the cooperation of others to use it. And that 
is a political and economic question, as much as it is technical. Social 
institutions will shape the technology, even as the technology provides raw 
             material for the reshaping of institutions




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