Die hier archivierte Mail kann, muss sich aber nicht auf den Themenkomplex von Oekonux beziehen.

Insbesondere kann nicht geschlossen werden, dass die hier geäußerten Inhalte etwas mit dem Projekt Oekonux oder irgendeiner TeilnehmerIn zu tun haben.


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[chox] Re: [ox-en] Administrative note: Interruption of service

Hi lists!

2 weeks (18 days) ago Stefan Merten wrote:
During the next week

This was wishful thinking ;-) .

I'm going to upgrade the GNU/Linux on the machine
which is serving the mailing lists this mail is going to. This will
result in temporary interruption of service - i.e. mail to these lists
will not be delivered for - hmm - up to a day.

Today I switched to the upgraded installation. I still have to do some
things which also will involve some reboots but all the mailing list
services are now moved to the new installation.

I think that no mail will get lost and I will care for it but I can
not guarantee that. Also I hope other nasty things such as spam
getting through to the lists won't happen but I can't guarantee that

As far as I can see things work well. The update involved a switch
from `sendmail' to `postfix' so there may still be flaws which I did
not see yet. If you notice anything unusual - I mean on the technical
side ;-) - then please drop a note to

	projekt oekonux.de

						Mit Freien Grüßen



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