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[chox] Fwd: [minciu_sodas_en] workshop at Didamatica

Eine interessante Veranstaltung in Ferrara (Italien), die auch in den
technisch-produktiven Bereich hinüberzureichen versucht...Mir gefällt vor
allem die neue Rolle des Benutzers in diesem Zusammenhang, den Paolo
Pumlia unten entwirft.
Überhaupt ist die Rolle paralleler Ansätze in diesem Frühjahr kaum zu
überblicken. Eigentlich sollten schon längst die Journalisten dasein und
das ganze hypen. Wird noch kommen.



"Open source Contents and Technologies"

The workshop aims at a deepened understanding of open source 
by addressing expectations from scholars and teachers, 
as producers and users of digital contents.

 The workshop will be held at the Didamatica congress : 
 (The partecipation fee is 70 E)
 Official languages are english and italian 
 More info here: http://linfe.it/events/opencontent-11may2004 

Here enclosed
 -  The extended 'open source' definition, provided to 
    the invited speakers, instrumental in stimulating contributions. 
    Your commets to improveit will be welcome. 
 -  The programme

Paolo Pumilia
AICA OpenSource Working Group coordinator


--- enc. 1 ------------------

Open Source

A more extensive definition

The essential features of the open source phenomenon are summarized by
peculiar collaborative ways, established within a freely accessible
digital infrastructure, aimed at assembling and delivering 'knowledge

Such methodologies, that have firstly proved to be successful in
specialized fields of software production, are based on the belief that
knowledge cannot be considered as exclusive property of those who made
the discover and that inventors will benefit, in terms of feedback from
peers and on the financial side as well, by spreading out the attained
results, under the least restrictions as possible, while exploiting the
international law to preserve authorship.

The economical implications, in short, are that the exchange value of
the traded knowledge objects boils down to production and distribution
costs of the physical supports, which are vanishingly small in the
digital environment, while demand for professional services can be
greatly enhanced.

Several production areas can be affected by the open source
methodologies:. The workshop will deal with the following:

* technological production

  * Users gain control over technological development. They are allowed
  to freely form alliance come to an agreement with professionals to
  adapt, customize and improve purchased products.

  * Businesses compete on a more equal (non monopolistic) ground and
  exploit more efficient development methodologies, across company and
  national borders.

* education

  * People have access to the most advanced knowledge a no cost; more
  remarkably, grasping is made easier by modularity of knowledge objects
  and free cross linking through the web resources.

  * People with teaching attitudes are encouraged to produce educational
  materials, while exploitation of knowledge already packaged by others
  is unrestricted; professional abilities are valued and collaboration
  across institutional borders is fostered.

* scientific research

  * Researchers are allowed to easily access results, analyse data and
  establish correlations through a wide variety of sources without

  * Evaluation of scientific contributions by properly taking           
  the number of accesses throught the web into account can be as        
  authoritative as the opinion of institutional commitees.              

  * Cross-disciplinary communication is ehnanced

Paolo Pumilia

Didamatica - Ferrara Univ. 2004
--- enc. 2 ------------------

Open source contents and technologies

Workshop - Didamatica 2004
Ferrara University - May 11

AICA OpenSource working group

Open source contents   9:00 - 11:15

  * Towards an extensive understanding of open source

    Paolo Pumilia 

    AICA OpenSource working group

  * Copyright and open contents

    Marco Ciurcina 

    Creative Commons Europe 

  * Open contents in education - from shared authoring to 
    shared use 

    Teemu Leinonen - Media Lab, Learning Environments 
    research group - University of Art and Design - 

  * Open Source Content: The School Network's Perspective

    Riina Vuorikari

    Research Analyst - European Schoolnet

  * Open Source: the Goals, the Tools, and the Culture

    Paul G. Mezey 

    Secretary General, CODATA (ICSU/UNESCO) / 
    International Council for Science - Committee for 
    Data in Science and Technology CODATA 

Open source technologies  14:30 - 16:15

  * Open technologies for e-Learning

    F. Kaderali 

    FernUniversität FG Kommunikationssysteme - Hagen

  * Open contents for democratic open societies 

    Bill Yotive

    Global School Networks Alliance

    Project Manager Global Teaching and Learning 
    Project - United Nations Headquarters, New York

  * ICTs in Education - UNESCO Vision and Activities

    Tarek G. Shawki 

    CI Regional Advisor for Arab States UNESCO Cairo Office

  * Open Source goes education - do the educators and 
    trainers follow?

    Juergen van Capelle

    ESTA Training Institute - collaboration and 
    transnational educational and vocational training projects.


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