Die hier archivierte Mail kann, muss sich aber nicht auf den Themenkomplex von Oekonux beziehen.

Insbesondere kann nicht geschlossen werden, dass die hier geäußerten Inhalte etwas mit dem Projekt Oekonux oder irgendeiner TeilnehmerIn zu tun haben.


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[chox] Fwd: [minciu_sodas_en] Tool to look at

klingt interessant.

kann sich ja anschauen wer mag

meine These ist ja immer noch: es gibt viel guten Willen aber wenn er sich
nicht bundelt ist er einfach zu schwach.


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See the following (copywritten I presume) which Tom Calthrop posted to
the Online Social Networks 2005 conference which I am currently
attending this month (http://www.socialnets.org)

"Item 11  Tom Calthrop Feb 14, 2005 17:41  Mark New | Select    

I am writing this as it will make for an easy link should I need to
refer to the software in discussion:  
I am the maintainer of a free social networking and group collaboration
platform called 'aroundme'. Aroundme is released under the GNU/GPL free
software license. The platform is in Aplha, but people are downloading
and setting up single node networks already. The software contains
upwards of 300 features including multi profiling, user and group wiki
and blogs, activities calendars etc.  

The idea behind the project is to create a social network. From your
social network you join or create interest groups. You can then attend
groups events and thus increase your social network with like minded

You are all welcome to play and feedback - > http://www.barnraiser.org/

Please note: We have a long way to go in the development of the
platform. We work voluntarily towards Barnraisers mission (Barnraiser is
a Swedish organisation dedicated to giving people the tools they need to
share knowledge and further society through social software). All
feedback is welcome.  "

Sounds like something for Minciu Sodas to look at and see - perhaps
there is a way it works with what you are working on for Lucid?


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