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[chox] Ge-copyrightetes Bruttosozialglueck


Das Königreich Bhutan arbeitet an einer neuen Verfassung mit dem
revolutionären Konzept des "Brutto-Sozial-Glücks"....

"he only strange thing about he site, other than that it uses language
like "luminous benedictions of the Triple Gem", which I'm not sure what
exactly means, is how the people who wrote it seem very worried about
copyrights. The draft constitution is copyrighted and all rights reserved
by the drafting committee. And they've gone to some length to make it
difficult to examine the source of the webpages or to copy the text or the
pictures. Which doesn't seem to quite go together with the spirit of that
constitution." (Fleming Funch)
http://ming.tv/flemming2.php/__show_article/_a[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED].htm

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