Die hier archivierte Mail kann, muss sich aber nicht auf den Themenkomplex von Oekonux beziehen.

Insbesondere kann nicht geschlossen werden, dass die hier geäußerten Inhalte etwas mit dem Projekt Oekonux oder irgendeiner TeilnehmerIn zu tun haben.


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[chox] business experiment


The Business Experiment is a site meant to explore three concepts:
wisdom of crowds, open-source business, and the distributed nature of
work.  The goal is to have the registered users of this site
collectively start and run a real business.  Business plans will be
written.  Financing will be sought (if needed).  Employees will be
hired.  Systems of accountability will be put into place.

All major strategic decisions will be voted on by the registered users,
and must be implemented by the employees.  This will test to see if "the
crowd" is really wise or not.  Who do we hire?  The crowd will vote on
the candidates.  What is our marketing strategy?  Vote on it.  How do we
price our product or service?  Vote again.  It could be cool, or it
could be foolish.  But either way, it's definitely different.

Employees will be required to keep blogs.  Eventually I hope to podcast
some meetings.  For the most part things will be done out in the open.
People can see what goes on inside a real company because this will be a
real company.

At least sixty percent of the business (and possibly more) will be owned
by the registered users.   Ten percent will go to whoever submits the
idea that we decide to pursue.  Ten percent will go to this site, so
that we can run other business experiments in the future.  The rest will
go to sponsors or investors, unless they are deemed unnecessary.

What will happen?  I don't know.  This site could die out, or it could
create a new way of doing business.  Either way, the goal is to test
some ideas and learn some things about business, work, and society.

Web-Site: http://www.oekonux.de/
Organization: http://www.oekonux.de/projekt/
Contact: projekt oekonux.de

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