Die hier archivierte Mail kann, muss sich aber nicht auf den Themenkomplex von Oekonux beziehen.

Insbesondere kann nicht geschlossen werden, dass die hier geäußerten Inhalte etwas mit dem Projekt Oekonux oder irgendeiner TeilnehmerIn zu tun haben.


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[chox] pledgebank.com


What is PledgeBank for?
   PledgeBank is a site to help people get things done, especially
   things that require several people. We think that the world needs
   such a service: lots of good things don't happen because there
   aren't enough organised people to do them.
Can you give me some examples?
   Sure. 'I will start recycling if 100 people in my town will do the
   same'; 'I will organise my child's school play if 3 other parents
   will help'; 'I will build a useful website if 1000 people promise to
   contribute to it'.
How does it work?
   PledgeBank allows users to set up pledges and then encourages other
   people to sign up to them. A pledge is a statement of the form 'I
   will do something, if a certain number of people will help me do
   it'. The creator of the pledge then publicises their pledge and
   encourages people to sign up. One of two possible outcomes is
   possible - either the pledge fails to get enough subscribers before
   it expires. In that case, we contact everyone and tell them 'better
   luck next time'. But the better possibility is that a pledge
   attracts enough people that they are all sent a message saying 'Well
   done - now get going!'

Web-Site: http://www.oekonux.de/
Organization: http://www.oekonux.de/projekt/
Contact: projekt oekonux.de

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