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[chox] Measuring Wikipedia

Measuring Wikipedia

Voss, Jakob (2005) Measuring Wikipedia. In Proceedings 10th 
International Conference of the International Society for 
Scientometrics and Informetrics 2005, Stockholm.

Wikipedia, an international project that uses Wiki software to 
collaboratively create an encyclopaedia, is becoming more and 
more popular. Everyone can directly edit articles and every edit is 
recorded. The version history of all articles is freely available and 
allows a multitude of examinations. This paper gives an overview on 
Wikipedia research. Wikipedia?s fundamental components, i.e. 
articles, authors, edits, and links, as well as content and quality 
are analysed. Possibilities of research are explored including 
examples and first results. Several characteristics that are found in 
Wikipedia, such as exponential growth and scale-free networks are 
already known in other context. However the Wiki architecture also 
possesses some intrinsic specialities. General trends are 
measured that are typical for all Wikipedias but vary between 
languages in detail.

Source: E-LIS, Eprints in Library and Information Science 

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