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[chox] SPARC Europe Announces Award for ...

------- Weitergeleitete Nachricht / Forwarded message -------
Datum:   	Tue, 17 Jan 2006 14:29:19 -0000
Antwort an:     	David Prosser <david.prosser BODLEY.OX.AC.UK>
Von:            	David Prosser <david.prosser BODLEY.OX.AC.UK>
Betreff:        	SPARC Europe Announces Award for Outstanding Achievements in Scholarly Communications

Hi All  

Below is the press release for the new SPARC Europe Award for 
Outstanding Achievements in Scholarly Communication which I 
have sent to a number of the lists as well as to Peter Suber for him 
to blog. It is also available on the website at:  


Please feel free to pass on details to anybody who you think might 
be interested.  

Best wishes  


David C Prosser PhD Director SPARC Europe  

E-mail: david.prosser bodley.ox.ac.uk Tel:[PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] (0) 1865 277 614 
Mobile: [PHONE NUMBER REMOVED] (0) 7974 673 888 http://www.sparceurope.org  

Press Release  

SPARC Europe Announces Award for Outstanding Achievements 
in Scholarly Communications  

17 January, 2006 Oxford, UK ? SPARC Europe (Scholarly 
Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition), a leading 
organization of European research libraries, today announced the 
inauguration of the SPARC Europe Award for Outstanding 
Achievements in Scholarly Communications. The new annual 
Award will be presented to an individual or group within Europe that 
has made significant advances in our understanding of the issues 
surrounding scholarly communications and/or in developing 
practical means to address the problems with the current systems. 
The judging panel, formed from members of the SPARC Europe 
Board of Directors, has issued a call for nominations for the Award. 
Nominations are open to all who have made major contributions in 
the field of scholarly communications, and the judging panel 
particularly wishes to receive nominations of individuals of groups 
working in any of the following areas:  

Research that helps illuminate the scholarly communications 
landscape Advocacy for new models of scholarly communications 
Development of new tools to aid scholarly communication (e.g. 
repository software) Interesting new projects or products 
Implementation of policies that promote new scholarly 
communication models.  

Nominations (together with a short outline of the nominee?s work) 
should be sent to David Prosser, Director of SPARC Europe no 
later than 10th February 2006. The Award will be present at the 
Third Nordic Conference on Scholarly Communication, to be held at 
Lund, Sweden 24 - 25 April 2006. SPARC Europe is an alliance of 
110 research-led university libraries from 14 European countries. It 
is affiliated with SPARC based in Washington, D.C., which 
represents over 200 institutions, mainly in North America. SPARC 
Europe and SPARC work to develop and promote new models of 
scholarly communication that increase the access to and utility of 
the research literature.  

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Organization: http://www.oekonux.de/projekt/
Contact: projekt oekonux.de

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