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[chox] Access to Knowledge conference, April 21-23 06

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From: Yale Information Society Project <eddank aya.yale.edu>
Date: Mar 10, 2006 6:38 PM
Subject: [lib-info-society] Access to Knowledge conference, April 21-23
To: Lib-Info-Society <lib-info-society yahoogroups.com>

Access to Knowledge Conference
Yale Information Society Project
April 21-23, 2006
Yale Law School

The information revolution holds great promise for development,
freedom, and justice, but this potential is fragile. Without a
coherent framework for why access to knowledge matters and an agenda
how to achieve it, this potential could be undermined by the growing
propertization and regulation of knowledge. The Information Society
Project (ISP) at Yale Law School invites you to help determine the
future of A2K.

 From April 21st to April 23rd, 2006, join policy makers, activists,
industry leaders, and academics at Yale Law School for a conference
addressing this topic in areas such as intellectual property policy,
telecommunications, education, culture, science, and health care.
Leading thinkers and advocates from North, South, East and West will
focus on generating cutting edge research agendas, concrete policy
solutions, and strategic partnerships for the next decade.

Please register from the conference website at

Plenary Panel defining Access to Knowledge include:

-- Framing A2K in human rights and development
-- Political economy of trade treaties and intellectual property
-- The economics of information
-- Privacy, national security, and free expression
-- Innovative public and private solutions to knowledge access and
knowledge production in developing countries

Policy Panel topics include:

-- Measuring Access to Knowledge
-- Wireless Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and A2K
-- Traditional Knowledge
-- Access to Scientific Knowledge
-- Network Neutrality in the Developing World
-- Exceptions and Limitations to Copyright
-- Access to Medicines: India and TRIPS
-- Peer Production and Education
-- Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Globalization
-- Agriculture, and Genetically Modified Crops
-- Licensing Frameworks for Access to Knowledge
-- Open Archives (OA), OA Publishing and Libraries

For a full conference description and list of speakers, please visit
the conference website at
http://islandia.law.yale.edu/isp/a2kconfmain.html. Space is limited,
so please register soon.

Eddan Katz
Lecturer in Law, Yale Law School
Executive Director, Information Society Project

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