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[chox] What's Susning.nu's CopyrightPolicy?



What's Susning.nu's CopyrightPolicy??

It doesn't have one. A policy is an announced principle for how 
future decisions will be made. No such principle has been 
announced for susning.nu. This means that the status of Susning's 
content is governed solely by international copyright law. 
Everybody owns copyright to their own works by default, and one 
can probably assume that saving a text on a wiki implies a grant to 
publish the text on that wiki, however it is very legally suspect to 
copy the entire site. This means that there is no practical 
RightToFork of content on Susning, nor can it ever have one.

This became an issue when the BenevolentDictator of Susning 
introduced a BannerAdvert?, and a number of contributors decided 
to exercise their RightToLeave and joined the SwedishWikipedia. 
They took their own personal content with them, but felt that they 
could not take other Susning content, or work in which they 
collaborated with other Susning users. Aside from the desire for a 
RightToFork, a few users have expressed a desire for a guarantee 
that the site remains open and doesn't suddenly disappear. A 
CopyrightPolicy? using an OpenContent licence is one means to 
achieve that. Another suggestion would be some kind of 


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