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[chox] (Fwd) [x-list] Oral Tradition becomes eOT

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Oral Tradition becomes eOT

On September 15, 2006, Oral Tradition enters a new chapter in its 
existence as an international and interdisciplinary forum for the 
discussion of worldwide oral traditions and related forms. As of this 
date the journal will become available

    * electronically at http://journal.oraltradition.org
    * free of charge to all readers
    * as a series of pdf (Adobe Acrobat) files
    * with key-word searching of all online texts
    * with multimedia eCompanions embedded

As of the launch date, the Center for Studies in Oral Tradition will 
publish the most recent issue plus four years of back issues:

    * volume 21 (2006), issue 1
    * volume 1 (1986), issue 1, issue 2, issue 3
    * volume 18 (2003), issue 1, issue 2
    * volume 19 (2004), issue 1, issue 2
    * volume 20 (2005), issue 1, issue 2

Plans are underway to make the entire corpus of Oral Tradition 
available under the same conditions. See the master-index for a 
listing of contents and posted back issues.
Help us Spread the Word!

eOT will eventually make thousands of pages of research on oral 
traditions available to the international community at no charge. 
What we at the Center for Studies in Oral Tradition request is that 
you send a link to this site, along with a sentence or two of 
description, to five colleagues in your particular field, and that you 
ask them to do the same. We are trying to use all possible 
strategies to inform everyone of this new resource ? to reach as 
many people and institutions as possible, and thereby to make the 
discussions that occur in OT as broadly based and diverse as 
How to Use the eOT Site

If you are a new reader of our journal Oral Tradition, we suggest 
that you start with volume 18, issue 1 and issue 2, which provide a 
broad, state-of-the-art perspective on the multidisciplinary field of 
studies in oral tradition.

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