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[chox] (Fwd) [ox-de] (Non-)report from WOS3 + wiki

long time ago...

13 Jun 2004, at 18:38 in ox-de

- -------

Eben Moglen also was the one who gave some very interesting insights
about the notion of the commons (a notion I can hardly think of a
German translation for). He pointed out that the commons are the space
between the private (capitalist) sector and the public (state) sector.
This is what is becoming more and more important today and the private
and state sector are attracted by these commons. Eben expressed it by
saying that the commons are becoming the gravity center. This is what
we desribe as the germ form becoming dominant in step four of the
five-step model

If I compare this with what we are doing here I'd say Free Software is
the most important germ form
[http://www.oekonux.org/introduction/blotter/default_15.html] for this
commons. Taking this further the GPL society could also be called the
commons based society.

When I hear this argumentation it reminds me strongly of the 3. Stand
(can't find an English translation in LEO :-( ) which has been the
bourgeoise sector in medieval societies distinguished from the feudal
state (1. Stand) as well as from the church (2. Stand). As we remember
it was this 3. Stand who brought about fundamental change.

Creative Commons Licenses
- -------------------------

Actually at the WOS I think for the first time I understood the
importance of the Creative Commons License. So far I thought about as
just another license for content of any sort. Though on first sight
this seems to be true I think it has some important features other
licenses of this sort do not have.

At first it is really thought out very well. For instance it is made
not only for the US but there are big efforts to make versions of the
Creative Commons License which perfectly fit into the legal framework
of the nations states of this planet conveying the intended meaning
into each of them.

Second I think there is no license which is advertised so well as the
Creative Commons License. From this alone one can expect a big
awareness and following a big distribution of the license and thus a
massive increase of Free Goods. Given the Oekonux background this is
something which can be expected and at the moment I think the Creative
Commons License is the thing which will really help to take off this

Third the Creative Commons License gives people a choice on how their
particular license shall look like. This is combined with some easy to
understand icons so this license is really user friendly :-) .

I have been sceptical about this last feature because when for
instance you look at the rights Free Software gives there is no
discrimination against any field allowed. The Creative Commons
License, however, allows for denying commercial use. Though from a
fundamentalist standpoint this is a no-no today I think it may be it
better to give people this option when they want it. At least it is
worth a try. Larry also mentioned some numbers about how many people
choose which option of the license but I can' remember them. It would
be interesting to check this out. Does anyone have information on

As a result I currently think of the Creative Commons License as the
generalization of the GPL and therefore an important step forward.

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via chox


The WikimediaCommons is a project that provides a central 
repository for free images, music, sound & video clips and, 
possibly, texts and spoken texts, used in pages of any Wikimedia 
project. Additionally some files under a non-free license which are 
copyrighted by Wikimedia are hosted by the project. Unlike images 
uploaded on other projects, images on Commons can be 
embedded on pages of all Wikimedia projects.

The Commons was launched on September 7, 2004. 


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