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[chox] Re: [ox] Technologie für eine solidarische Ökonomie.

Am 2 Jul 2006, um 15:59 in ox-de

Growing a peaceful, sustainable Earth through communications

OnlineBuch von Gary Alexander über den Einsatz von 
Technologie (CSC) für eine solidarische Ökonomie.

To counter that global cancer, this book sets out a Utopian yet 
practical agenda for change that harnesses the exciting potential of 
electronic communication to launch a new era of community 

It proposes a system of relationships - with the Earth as a living 
organism, and among the people living in it - that embody 
principles of collaboration and sustainability. It offers a path to a 
future with a co-operative free-market economy. It shows how 
electronic communications can be used so that the driving force of 
the economy is the health of the environment and the well being of 
all of humanity rather than money flows.


via coforum.de


und in pox steht die ox-de auf dem virtuellen prüfstein. 
nöö, eher unter dem virtuellen schaff-ot . mal sehen...

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some text in engl. from uli f.


<td width=45% valign=top>

Hears to count on! ''Stop counting'' to exchange (... and!)  (... and 

Uli Frank - ulifrank online.de - http:/www.ulifrank.info  
dt. text in ox in 2005

We know today enough about capitalism, anyhow enough, in order 
make us on the way to something better.  

There may be 
scientifically exciting, the '''zumutungen''' of capitalism to 
'''skandalieren''' again and again again analyze the fatal nature of 
system ever more exactly and pursue its effects into all branchings 
inside.  But it must be noticeable to us nevertheless, how little the 
people are interested in it.  Although many say:  "so it cannot 
continue!",  we are hardly pulled linking to rate.  That is surely not 
because of our theoretical weakness, but to it that we have to offer 
obviously no attractive solutions:  neither strategies for a paradigm 
change, nor emancipatory models for the everyday life ("the 
Christians see to me does not release enough out "is the Atheist 
Nietz times '''spoettisch''' to have said).  

It is not worth at present to 
think too many over the "abolishment of the system".  The system 
functions frightening reliably world-wide.  Who does not believe in 
conspiracy, no solution for a fundamental change has.  The 
traditional class warfare model becomes appreciably uninteresting:  
There is no more class, which would be suited for the "revolution". 
Also a "acquiring movement" is not anywhere in view:  Who is 
whom which to take away?  And in addition:  from above the 
system to and showed themselves then humans change the 
strategy into the new system inside to socialize, as historical 
mistake.  And it would be counter productive:  we do not want to 
oktroyieren humans new structure on and instruct them;  
children of the civil liberty, want to be '''funktionalisiert''' any longer 
and not '''funktionalisieren''' other.  We must be able and thus only 
begin, where we stand for ourselves.  We can make experiments, 
areas create for new experiences, new thinking and behavior 
patterns to try and evaluate and exchange.  How much theory is 
in order to understand capitalism?  

We understood enough, if we become clear over it that our 
acting and feeling for many years in an obligation and a seduction 
system are imprisoned, i.e. in the prison the money logic.  
Around 1600 this cage closed, at which humans had already built 

Outgoing from Europe a new life feeling spread, but not 
coincidentally:  In this time the everyday life life got a new 
inexorable basis, i.e. the final and evident dependence of all 
humans on the money.  The new life feeling exists in the inevitable 
experience that from now on all something costs that the life of 
humans is based on the logic of constant computation, inexorably 
on achievement and return that social sharing must become 
individually "earned".  This new experience entrenched itself into all 
depths of the human life expressions, it leaves themselves in the 
philosophy, which mathematics, even the music etc. to prove.  

And the fatal to it is so natural and completely natural that this 
is so successful, appears that one can imagine an alternative not 
even more.  The fact that all something costs its price has, to be 
worthwhile themselves, pay must that one must sort everything into 
the invisible coordinate system of the "value", since then became 
in such a manner normal that our thinking is proper blocked (see: 
Eske Bockelmann:  Im Takt des Geldes) however:  exactly this 
condition of the '''Phantasielosigkeit''' and paralysis is it, at which 
we must set politically.  

Everything that could lead us out from the neoliberalen misery 
TINA (There is NO Alternative), is the program.  

Each beginning, each experience, each experiment, which 
questions the matter of course of the money logic practically, 
should be welcome us to exclude any new experience from the 
front in here us poorer would make.  We do not know the correct 
revolutionary way, therefore it is advisable to deal with the 
experiences of the others constructionally and not always again 
into the old error to that linking too purges itself in the "fight for the 
correct line" on to rub.  Even if we have at present no chances to in 
order/switch the system off as a whole then we can do, i.e. begin 
something nevertheless, to off/switch the system in the head.  

We can of the system produced/supported social character to 
amend, by trying to change:  There are e.g. people, which reduce 
consciously their work time, on certain importunatenesses of our 
economics doing without e.g..  TV, car -, which try more 
unspektakulaer new living forms out (Oeko settlements, live -, 
households), which meetings, meeting places organize, groups of 
self-helps, communities of interests, initiatives etc. base).  

In addition there is obviously a quantity artistically - cultural 
of most varied kind (e.g. the evolutio­naeren cells in Frankfurt, 
which '''veranstalteten''' recently a price writing out for "even 
shapes of society", the office for integrative art in Nuernberg/Erfurt, 
which are concerned straight with the problem of shrinking cities, 
Otium in Bremen, an association of former development aids, the 
one other time feeling reflects etc..)  Nearly automatic come these 
initiative and inside sooner or later to the border that money -
/utilization logic, turn out in conflict with it and must itself so also 
with the problem the trespass beyond the border concern.  

Many, nearly all these (hopefully!)  completely different beginnings 
experiments will make their specific new experiences, to whose 
cross-linking again different could contribute, so that a ever larger 
treasure at components for a new world develops.  It is crucial that 
these components begin to change our consciousness, our 
environment and thus the society.  

We try to switch the old system 
off step for step in the everyday life, not for moral reasons to want 
to prove from obligation feeling, or in order the world somewhat 
consciously, from the head and our clear feelings.  

We do what makes us more free and more content, what us 
acknowledgment and 
love of those provides, because of which is to us.  We do not wait 
for better times, new parties, new scientific results or the 
collapse of the system!  Concerns to develop the own capacity to 
act (''Klaus Holzkamp: Grundlegung der Psychologie'') to be step 
which lead out from the obligations and seductions of the system, 
clearance, cross-linkings, a new culture _ of the generosity _ - 
assigns to create anti-educationally and anti-politically e.g..  


"under its conditions" live.  This apparent renouncement of a part of 
its that one could buy, "which one is entitled", is not Askese 
glorifizieren or refusal of concrete social wealth to mean, but the 
obligations and dependence to reduce, those by the operation of 
the money logic develop (procurement prostitution, debts, extorting 
barness, work stress).  The distance between backs and wall can 
be increased, even if the wall stands such as concrete.  


The social '''Korsett''' of the constant mutual computation 
(achievement / return, equivalent exchange) may have been 
historically necessary or meaningful.  Anyhow it is not a law of 
nature and becomes objectively (in view of the increase like an 
explosion of the productivity) ever more unreasonable and more 

We have the conditions to dare first steps into a 
human being-worthy culture of the generosity.  We do not wait, 
until "the economy" permits us or puts close.  Our economic 
systems lives on "scarceness":  free goods cannot be sold, 
everything must something cost.  Thus only again we can switch 
ourselves, in the own interest:  Generosity facilitates the life, 
provides acknowledgment, makes attractive, strengthens for 
friendships, changes our environment, contributes thus by its 
radiant emittance to a new life feeling.  


Emphatie develop, i.e. stop to ask, how I can use the other one for 
me, but respectfully includes him equally into the own life (or also 
not:  its needyness is not more important than my own).  The 
liberalism it sees humans 
as a single nature that only from self-interest with others 
nationalizes itself.  We try the support, assistance instead of its, 
for discovering suggestion by the others.  Like stretching and 
enriching the straight self-willedness can be, unserviceableness of 
the others for me.  Naturally I pay attention also to me:  who with 
itself is content, it can also the others well go let.  


Needyness permit and express.  Liberal the play goes in such a 
way that I do 
not talk openly about my needs and interests:  That could spoil the 
prices for me.  I am to behave I like a successful businessman, 
who guards and too pokern learns its professional secret.  

We begin with the opposite:  Give up the typically male rule and 
superiority attitude.  in the long run, gratitude, dependence 
show, everything to control and technically not solve want, own 
needs not over legal requirements and the obligation logic of the 
money to regulate.  


Communicate .  learn to define yourself, requirements express 
uneasiness to reject, respect and tolerance learn, self value feeling 
develop etc.. -  Behaviors, which are 
reserved today for the intimate range "family", friendship etc. or are 
rained in Crash courses to the coworker training in the interest of 
the company.  "outside war" prevails called that times a Banker in 
a church conference discussion.  We begin to break through this 
allocation of the world in business and privacy and also then 
friendly and turned be, if it does not bring in "anything" (thus no 
money, no advantage).  Then we can about all openly talk, also 
over our weaknesses, doubt, disappointments, can fatigue phases 
consciously notice, analyze and experiences more seriously to 


"good handling", contacts maintain.  We look for 
each other our distorting shank out (mobile phone / InterNet help 
we are dependent as humans on others, them make us only what 
we can be!  Therefore we do not need to be nice to all or constantly 
remember, which could be times useful "relations" us.  At all we 
could stop with forcing contacts under the question of the 
equivalence and computation "which have we of it?",  "which 
'''bringt's'''?"  The new communication technologies permit us the 
almost free selection, with whom we want to be together - 
independently of the large company.  This new freedom of election 
should become us however not too "discriminatingly" leaving 
otherwise '''wird's fast''' boring or never which... the good 
pages the/that others to be found out is excitingly.  


Resources connect:  In order to moderate the current "terror of the 
(Vivien Forrester) to reduce the not yet avoidable dependence from 
the dominant economics to humans could their resources interlace 
and mutually usable make, e.g. with the hotel idea:  Humans with 
much place invite nomadian living persons to do time long their 
resources together:  the nomad has an accommodation, which 
house owner supported with the preservation of its house:  for all 
took part a "profit":  

More interesting life, new impulses, alive cross-linking by the 
To parts quality can be tried out in such a 
way as new life.  Under this aspect also exchange rings, the MC 
shops etc. would have an important supporting function 


The adventure, new one into the foreground place and not the 
Are not blind themselves about the fact that the beginning is 
arduous and genuine pioneer achievements required.  Is good, 
cheat yourself to invent, if from grind the computation logic 
announces itself again:  eg rather asks itself, what I could learn 
with a difficult contact, with a arduous new experience, instead of 
asking whether it was worthwhile itself for me computationally.  
Always remember:  rebellion makes fun and strengthens the 
self-confident too.  


Take if possible few achievements up of the civil institutions.  The 
more one on it lets oneself in colors these the stronger off.  There 
is, as we knows, no "neutral" instances, but 
functions of the existing system, which support, secure and 
arrange it even active.  E.G. would be too superior to avoid the 
"course of law" in principle.  One could solve, through draw lots 
interest conflicts differently e.g. spielerisch, a reconciliation 
celebration o.ae.  (example:  Two software entrepreneurs decided 
recently a law case by an official poor lifting.  Both determined 
thereby:  "...  many time and high costs saved!").  


Support leg - play leg:  
Itself clearly over the fact its that the separation from the 
money logic is very difficult, because it does not concern thereby a 
conceited, ideological problem, but our world definitely and 
fundamentally by the money is determined.  Provisionally nobody 
might be able to leave the money logic completely.  The door can 
be only partial, i.e. on the '''"Standbein"''' level:  

Where the 
'''zumutungen''' of the system cannot be avoided, one should not 
these displace or legitimize or talk beautifully, but analyze exactly, 
reconstruct their effect on the own life and other humans as 
relentlessly as possible and then with clear consciousness and 
internal distance the own borders actively set:  As far I feel forced 
to go through where I set which border.  Small hero acts are also 


Do not '''missionieren''' and nobody instruct, but with itself 
and the other one better to deal try - perhaps this new quality of life 
radiates out...  What is "political" to it?  


For the future organization of a better society we need such 
individuals.  If the 
'''laehmende Alternativlosigkeit''' and the unaesthetic Populism of 
the Neoliberalism become uninteresting for humans, we need all 
the fantasy, independence and generosity, which we today already 
experimentally to learn and to exchange be able.  It was the deadly 
error of material existing socialism to suppress this creativity of 
humans systematically instead of promoting and set on it it.  
If humans behind their system would have confessed, also 
problems could have not completely spoiled the project.  


Otherwise only waiting for the change remains...  We do not know, 
where the main switch of the system is to be found whether there 
are at all one and who could approach to this switch.  But the 
system is about already to abolish itself.  From the two most 
elementary functions the system logic comes into contradictions:  
Work and money.  The present crisis does not express itself as 
lack concrete wealth all companies and shops pours over from 
being it could loosely the multiple quantity discharge.  Also 
"workers" draengeln itself enormously in the queue.  

The many 
unemployed persons are obviously not used for the production of 
the concrete wealth.  And on the other side jammern all producers 
over purchasing power lacking, thus the absence of money at 
(potential) the consumers.  As attractively our system can remain, 
if it creates neither sufficient money nor "jobs".  

While the '''VWL '''
waits desperately for the next Kondradieff wave, we can switch 
already today:  not the system (s.o.)  but our consciousness:  
we can us for the system of the future train, can mentally for a new 
logic prepare.  Us the old system should become indifferent.  We 
develop our own standards and life conceptions.  If the old 
mechanism still '''duempelt''' some time before itself, if we thereby 
'''unueberzeugt''' still another while going through the better:  

A better world will never come automatically.  We need rather as 
much as 
possible well prepared and experienced individuals...  


There are nevertheless already two new and rather successful 
developments, which could point into the correct direction:  The 
free software movement and the "all inclusive idea".  Range proves 
the free software movement in the High Tech that a outstanding 
product freely and not when commodity can be manufactured.  
Volunteers, from whom task even posed inspired humans in the 
whole world are involved in it.  They "do not work" for money, but 
from material interest to get over acknowledgment or because fun 
makes it for them.  Each consumer cannot use these free goods 
freely, it is the producers anything guilty it did it for itself.  

It acts 
thereby thus neither over "exchanges", nor over "give".  There are 
no obligations, contra-accounts, requirements etc..  It is also no 
combat model or any demand on possibly someone:  somewhat 
new comes into the world and nobody must something be taken 

And like it, if one can use everything freely to have to 
possibly furnish without about prices worries or a return can one 
feels today at the all inclusive vacation, at the free Buffet or, where 
there is already a Flatrate (lump sum), try out:  In this free spaces 
(for which one must pay today unfortunately still entrance) goes it 
only around concrete needs, around which actual question, which 
is good and meaningful for me, which provides allowance and finds 
acknowledgment of others for me, like I my social place etc. - the 
formal criterion of profitability, the constant computation falls 
simply away...  

So it is to become!  


cc x-list

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