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From: Zapopan Martin Muela-Meza <zapopanmuela yahoo.com>
Date: Oct 2, 2006 11:38 PM
Subject: [lib-info-society] Information for Social Change, No. 23, Summer
2006, special issue: 'Education for Social Change'
To: Lib InfoSociety <lib-info-society yahoogroups.com>, Progressive Library
International Coalition <lib-plic yahoogroups.com>, Rekombinant
commonsRekombinant <rekombinant liste.rekombinant.org>, ubmls list <
ubmls-l listserv.acsu.buffalo.edu>

Information for Social Change
No. 23, Summer 2006 (all in PDF Format)
Special Issue on 'Education for Social Change'.

Whole Issue - Note: formatted for A4 paper, 288 pages .


Editorial: Education for Social Change - by Glenn Rikowski

Class, Capital and Education in this Neoliberal and Neoconservative Period
- by Dave Hill

To Teach or Not to Teach? The Dilemma of a Left-wing Student - by Alison

Education and the Politics of Human Resistance - by Glenn Rikowski

The Age of the Corporate State Versus The Informational and Cognitive
Public Domain - by Zapopan Martín Muela-Meza

'Pay as you learn'! The 'Learning Society' Rhetoric in the EU-Sponsored
Research Projects - by Dionyssios S. Gouvias

Critical Mass - by Phil Badger and Glenn Rikowski
What is Moral Education? - by Susan Devine

Teaching Ethical Issues in Information Technology: How and When - by Ruth

Critical Perspectives in E-Learning - by Paul Catherall

Education for Social Change or for Capital Crisis Resolution - by Helen

Problems in Education Today - by Victor Rikowski
E-Dialogues and E-Interviews

Education for a Socialist Future - An E-Dialogue between Rich Gibson and
Glenn Rikowski
Where has youth radicalism gone? Political participation and democratic
pedagogy - An e-dialogue between Alpesh Maisuria and Spyros Themelis
Critical Pedagogy Reloaded: An E-Interview with Peter McLaren - Peter
McLaren interviewed by Glenn Rikowski
Marxism and Educational Theory: An E-Interview with Mike Cole - Mike Cole
interviewed by Glenn Rikowski
Book Reviews

Linear Hymns, a collection of lyrics and poems by Giles Paley-Phillips -
reviewed by Paul Catherall
Foibles, Frolics and Phantasms: Illustrated poems (1995-2005), by Paul
Catherall - reviewed by Ruth Rikowski
Delivering E-learning for Information Services in Higher Education, by
Paul Catherall - reviewed by Ruth Rikowski
The Copy/South Dossier: issues in the economics, politics, and ideology of
copyright in the global South, The Copy/South Research Group, Edited by
Alan Story, Colin Darch and Debora Halbert - reviewed by Ruth Rikowski
Open Access: key strategic technical and economic aspects, Edited by Neil
Jacobs - reviewed by Ruth Rikowski
Biographical Reflections

Combining Information and Library work with the Arts and Artistic
Creativity, Research and Theory: it is all possible! - A focus on Paul
Catherall - by Ruth Rikowski

The All Rounder (The Centre of Everything) - by Gregory Rikowski
The Ideal World - by Gregory Rikowski

Education beyond Retromodernism, and Towards Really Useful Workers'
Knowledge - by Glenn Rikowski

Zapopan Martín Muela-Meza, doctorando Estudios de la Informacion
Depto. Estudios de la Informacion, University of Sheffield
211 Portobello Street, Sheffield, S1 4DP, REINO UNIDO

"¿Cuando será la injusticia
un recuerdo muy lejano,
un cuento que se hizo polvo
y se olvidó en un arcano?
--Rockdrigo (Rodrigo) González
rockero rupestre mexicano, canción "Por qué"

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