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[chox] (Fwd) [cc42] [hello] [W2] Five Freedoms of Knowledge

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Betreff:        	[cc42] [hello] [W2] Five Freedoms of Knowledge

Am 26 Oct 2003, um 16:06 in w2...

just read in ox.
= die liste von oekonux.de

Five Freedoms of Knowledge 
* The freedom to study any problem (freedom -1) * The freedom to use the 
results of this study for any purpose (freedom 0) * The freedom to examine 
the raw materials and methods used in this study, and use them for your own 
needs (freedom 1). * The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help 
your neighbour (freedom 2). * The freedom to improve the results, and 
release your improvements to the public, so that the whole community 
benefits (freedom 3). Freedom -1 is the old idea of 'academic freedom'; it is 
the prerequisite for all the other freedoms. Freedom 0 is necessary but 
dangerous. It may be restricted by law (in the same way that 'innocent till 
proved guilty' is a good principle, so is freedom 0). Knowledge is never 
created in a vacuum. Hiding the raw data or prior sources of research is 
either hiding plagiarism or preventing others from verifying, duplicating, or 
improving on the knowledge (freedom 1) Knowledge that is created and 
then kept secret is useless. Knowledge that is created and then restricted to 
a few is knowledge perverted to power (freedom 2). Knowledge that 
cannot be improved on is a dead end (freedom 3). 


ich denke, die ox-liste ist eine sehr relevante liste. k.dz.

aktuell wohl eher: die ox-de WAR eine sehr relevante liste...

cc hgg

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