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Re: [chox] Re: Reply styles

Hi Zbigniew!

3 weeks (21 days) ago Zbigniew Lukasiak wrote:
The first part of my letter was a statement that in my opinion can beunderstood without any reference to previous conversation.  I juststate what kind of emails are more readable for me. Let's see:
This quoting subject is an interesting one for me - so I've decided to> unlurk now.  I personaly find it much more convenient if the text I> read is not interspersed with quotes.  Instead of putting literarily> big chunks of text you can use your own words to describe the points> you are discussing with.  You might lose some prcision - but the> reader would not need to switch context from the original message to> your text.  And for the most part I would say that this is a fair> trade off, I do not propose this as an absolute measure - but rather I> would like to push the balance in this direction.
The only part referring to the previous conversation is the use of'This quoting subject' - this is my mistake, but I belive I could justwrite 'The subject of quoting' and continue just as well.

Ok. I'm starting to learn something. I understand a reply as referring
to what has been said before. But if I got you right that's actually
not your intention. Your intention is basically opening a new thread
instead which is more or less independent from the previous one.

That is probably why it seems to me that I feel my posting not
referenced and insofar ignored. Indeed this is how TOFU mails often
feel to me.

Someone whowould read it without the knowlege of previous emails should be ableto jump into the discussion without any problem.  That's why I findyour words:
*If* this is done. Usually it's not. It's kind of funny that you just> gave an example for not giving such a summary. Instead you expected> the reader to know the mail and have it in mind. Otherwise your mail> is simply not understandable. It is, however, had you quoted the> snippet you are referring to - which I hope I did below.

I admit that in this case this is only a mild variant of what I
experience day by day. Yet I feel ignored.

Those two examples are also an ilustration when exact quoting isreally needed in my opinion - and that is when you really need tocomment the exact words and not just the overall ideas of the email.I do believe that this is not needed in most circumstances - and itlooks very nit picking and like you want to fight every word of thepredecessor.

I see how this feels to you. I agree that this type of replies exists
and that they are easy to create by classical quoting. I agree also
that they are rarely useful.

Nonetheless classical quoting can be not abused. I hope my example
makes this clear.

The need of exact words is rather exception for me - and TOFU fitswell here - since you can find the them at the bottom of the email ifyou really need them, but you can skip them for the most part. When Iread email threads I read the emails one after another so I do usuallyhave the previous emails in my head. Even if the thread is not so fastso that I read the emails separately I usually remember the overallarguments of the predecessor so I don't really need to read the exactwords of the previous emails.  I just read the emails quickly notpondering over every word, many emails I just skim and read parts ofit just to see if it starts to be interesting.  I guess this is whathappens when you receive really lots of emails.

I'm sorry but I'm getting also lots of mail sometimes and for many,
many years now. However, I never saw it the way you do. To me broken
email clients like Outlook - which doesn't allow for standard replies
in many cases - are the real nuisances as far as lots of mails are

However, I'm using a standard email client which just highlights the
quotes if they are marked correctly and so I can skip the quotes or
read them if I find it necessary. In this case the writer leaves this
freedom to me and in a easy manner - which I appreciate.

I'd like to conclude that there exist (at least) two cultures here and
we probably should keep the respective other culture in mind.

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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