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[chox] Dell installiert Linux auf Desktop-PCs

Dell Computer ist einer der ersten  Markenhersteller, der Linux für den
Massenmarkt vorinstalliert. Offensichtlich reagieren Corporations ab einer
Zahl von 100000 (!!) Kundenanfragen.


Dell once offered a short-lived desktop preinstalled with Linux. It will
do so again, the PC maker said Thursday, and this time it could stick,
thanks to broadened interest in Linux.

The Round Rock, Texas-based computer maker confirmed it will start
offering desktops and notebooks installed with the Linux operating system.
The move is in response to the 100,000 or so customers who requested it on
a Dell web site. Company spokesperson David Lord declined to specify if
these machines would be part of Dell?s commercial or consumer lines, nor
would he give a time frame.

But Mr. Lord and others said a broader range of users?even consumers and
non-technophiles?are ready for Linux, owing partly to the maturity of
open-source technology. That has Dell optimistic its Linux offering will
do better now than it did back in 2001. If it does, other PC makers could
become emboldened to follow suit.

Linux enthusiasm hasn?t been lost on Novell either. The company has seen
interest from consumers as well as from its customer base of commercial
users, said Justin Steinman, Novell?s director of marketing of Linux and
open platforms.

?The functionality of these open-source applications is 90 percent of
Windows functionality,? meaning they can do most of the same tasks as
Windows, Mr. Steinman said. ?And in 2001, 2002, there wasn?t a really
user-friendly open-source web browser ? until Firefox? became popular in
2005. Before that period, almost all PC users had to run Microsoft?s
Internet Explorer.


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