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[ox] Invitation to Workshop w. Lawrence Lessig et. al.

Liebe Listigen,

das Wizards of OS-Team veranstaltet in zwei Wochen einen Workshop zu
Cyberlaw, ICANN und Software-Patenten, zu dem wir Dich herzlich
einladen möchten. 

Wenn Du teilnehmen wirst, möchte ich Dich um eine Rückantwort 
bitten. Ein leeres Reply genügt. 

Wenn Du nicht nach Berlin kommen kannst, laden wir Dich ein, per
Video-Stream und Chat dabei zu sein. Die genauen Adressen entnimmst Du
bitte in einigen Tagen

Wenn Du schließlich jemanden kennst, die interessiert sein könnte, on-
oder offline an dem Workshop teilzunehmen, schicke ihr bitte diese

vielen Dank und freundliche Grüße
Volker Grassmuck

Workshop on Cyberlaw, ICANN and Software Patents
with Lawrence Lessig, Jeanette Hofmann and Jean-Paul Smets-Solanes

Monday, April 10th 2000, 4 - 9 pm
Roter Salon der Volksbuehne,
Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, Berlin 
-- in English --
sharing of expenses 5 DM

Because the number of participants is restricted, please send a 
reply to this mail (vgrass, subject: 
workshop), so we know you will be coming. If you like, add a few words
on who you are, and why you want to participate.

The workshop will be streamed live in RealVideo by OVA 
<>. There will be a chat allowing questions and
statements from the net to be translated into the workshop. The
workshop will be documented on the net. 

The workshop provides an opportunity for the free software and
hacking crowd to meet one of the foremost specialists on cyber law and
Internet governance, Lawrence Lessig. Additionally to introducing
fundamental concepts like regulation through code, the workshop will
address two current issues. 

One is ICANN, the Internet Corporation on Assigned Names and Numbers.
The elections of the membership at large to its board of directors is
currently under preparation and expected in fall. Jeanette Hofmann
will give an introduction to this issue. 

The other is the decision of the European Commission's DG XV expected
in June on whether or not to introduce software patenting in Europe.
The introduction here will be given by Jean-Paul Smets-Solanes. The
focus of the workshop will be on discussion.  

Professor at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society, Harvard Law
School, specialist in Internet governance and in open law, expert in
United States v. Microsoft, currently visiting researcher at
Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin.

Political scientist focussing on Internet Governance in the narrower
sense (ICANN as new Internet government) and in a widers sense
(technical and political forms of digital ordering of space), working
at the Science Center Berlin (WZB).

Jean-Paul Smets-Solanes has been lobbying against software patents in
France and the EC, is member of the French Linux Users Group AFUL, and

MC: Volker Grassmuck



Computer Science & Society of Humboldt University

Berliner Linux User Group (BeLUG)

CCC Berlin

Individual Network Berlin

Roter Salon


and  Linux Information Systems AG


   Wizards of OS


[English translation]
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