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Re: [ox] what I meant to say...

graham wrote:

Yes and no! I hadn't thought of creating such a distributed system;
that is, I was assuming that queries would be direct to one server;
if that fails, query another server, etc, rather than servers passing
on queries. I think that what I wanted would probably be much easier
in terms of programming (ie less work ;-)

... but also less interesting ;-] (coding-wise)

ok, you're right that rdf is intended to transport metadata, instead of full
articles as would be needed by your system.

I imagine this could be made generic enough to include your 'people
finding' application - but I don't have the time or the skill to program
your fully distributed system.
What about you? are you still in the planning stage? Do you already
have the code ready to go? :-)

hmmm... no, i did not start coding yet, it's also rather a vague idea of
what might be a nice project. also, for the next two months i'm quite busy,
so i just want to refine this idea and connect to similar projects. i always
want to play around with (for me) new technolgy, so i thought this would be
nice to try out some rdf/p2p/agent technology for a useful project connected
to my vision of a future society.

so just keep me up to date, perhaps i'll jump in to your project at some time in the
future or the other way round....

| Flo Ledermann <flo>
| "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
| will make violent revolution inevitable." - JFK

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