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[ox-de-raw] Thesen zum CSSW-Panel

Sören bat mich um einige provokante Thesen zum CSSW-Panel, die ich gleich mal in eine etwas breitere Öffentlichkeit streue.

Sind in englisch, da das Wortspiel in These (0) nur dort funktioniert.

(0) I call IT Web 2.0.

(1) Web 2.0 is a major upgrade of the internet, potentiates its evens and odds, and requires big efforts to be domesticated by mankind. The same procedure as for any technological revolution so far.

(2) Web 2.0 greatly enhances the range of open, free, horizontal communication, thus undermining power related structures. But don't worry - the Empire strikes back.

(3) Web 2.0 is a new playground for MWW - the Male Western White.

(4) Web 2.0 is a big leap towards communism - a society where we produce social relations - nowadays called 'services' by some crucial misunderstanding - in the same way as we learned to produce goods in the 20th century.

Link zur Veranstaltung



  Dr. Hans-Gert Graebe, apl. Prof., Inst. Informatik, Univ. Leipzig
  Johannisgasse 26, D-04109 Leipzig, Raum 5-18	
  email: graebe
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