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Re: [ox] Freie Hardware-Projekte (Nachschlag)

Schaut unbedingt mal auf

Cool ist die Einleitung:

<i>I'm old enough to have been a hippy, and let me tell you, the
commune never worked</i> Gabe Moretti, EDN editor, at DAC 2000
<i>Open Collector: dedicated to aging hippies everywhere...</i>

Und noch ein Candy:

The gEDA project is working on producing a full GPL'd suite of
Electronic Design Automation tools.

gEDA wird gehostet von

Simple End User Linux: SEUL is a volunteer project to help Linux
become an operating system that the average user can install and
operate easily. Currently SEUL is working on the non-technical
aspects of bringing Linux to end-users -- Linux in education, Linux
in science, advocacy documents, managing and coordinating
communications between projects, coordinating feedback from
end-users, and hosting related development projects.

Das war's jetzt aber für heute Abend...


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