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Konferenzsprache (was: Re: [ox] Re: Konferenz-Motto)

Hi Graham and all!

2 days ago Stefan Meretz wrote:
graham schrieb:
What's the language policy for the conference? Will you accept
papers in English?

The cfp says:
Die Konferenzsprache ist Deutsch.

Actually when I wrote this, I did not thought it would be necessary at
all, since I did not expect an international audience. I put it there
just for completeness. But I appreciate your question :-) .

This means - in my view - that the general language on the conference is german.
But in the conference schedule we can announce english papers as english, and
that's it. Having a translator, however, could be a problem...

What do others think?

I think we can have English papers, talks, and workshops. I think we
need no translation into German.

Are you planning to visit the conference? That would be really great
:-) .

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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