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Re: [ox] Die Anwendbarkeit der Werttheorie in der Informatik

Hi, Graham!

On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, graham wrote:

And why concretely does " gehen tendenziell alle proprietären Produzenten
pleite" follow from this drop in value? The company I work for
uses almost entirely gpl software; this reduces their costs,
gives a competitive advantage, and so INCREASES profits.

This is only a temporary effect. As soon as other companies start to discover 
Free software, they might become serious competitors. So the temporarily 
increased profits will drop back to normal and result in a cheaper product. 
However, companies who still have not switched to Free software will not be 
able to compete anymore. So they go bankrupt.

Now imagine a world in which any product design is copylefted. This would 
mean the maximum of imaginable competition. So the profits of each company 
would be minimalistic. "This does not mean a breakdown of capitalism, but it 
would at least make it much more value-exempt."(St.Mz.)
I personally like the idea of a value-exempt capitalism, because that would 
mean that democratic entities could take over the whole material production 
for a small amount of money and reorganize it the way the people wants it to 


Organisation: projekt

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