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Re: [ox] Die Anwendbarkeit der Werttheorie in der Informatik

Hi Thomas and list!

One small note regarding this very interesting and IMHO fruitful

Last week (7 days ago) Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller wrote:
The only remaining task for these firms would be manufacturing the goods. The
firms would produce identical products -- meaning also of identical quality.
So the only difference between the products of different firms would be the
price. To stay competitive, each firm would have to reduce the price
continously, meaning utilizing more effective machines, less man power and --
as the last consequence -- making less profit.

I'd like to support this by a development taking place in electronics
at the moment (your field Graham - correct me if I'm telling Unsinn
;-) ).

In electronics - well: chip design - there is currently a strong
tendency to use more and more so called FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate
Array) and relatives. These are devices which in some sense bring
software closer to hardware. In fact a (complex) FPGA is something
like a universal chip. It gets its universality by the fact that the
concrete hardware function the device executes is programmed into it
immediately before it is used. Clearly such a beast is an important
device for our discussions and thoughts.

Because of mass production I'd expect the price of such devices drops
in the future and thus the abilities to have Free hardware in the
sense of Free chips.

And regarding universal materialisators I guess there will be similar

						Mit Freien Grüßen


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