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[ox] info about the nettime list and how to subscribe to it

Dear Oekonuxers,

here some info about another list called nettime, founded in 1995, focussing
on "internet criticism" from a variety of
perspectives such as culture, politics, arts, activism and theory. Every
list has a slightly different way how to get onto it. That's why this
information could be useful for you, in case you are interested to join the

There are about 1700 people on the so-called "international" nettime list at
this moment, with an increasing number reading the web archive. Also if you
are not a subscriber you can also post. Nettime has been lifely lately, with
traffic going up, though relatively stable with around 5-10 postings a day.
You can also subscribe to a digest if you wish so. For
those who wish to get the unfiltered traffic there is the nettime-bold list.
Debate topics of the last months have been napster and future of copyright,
mobile phone culture and the way it relates to the Internet, cases of
censorship, the ICANN domain names issue, Naomi Klein's book No Logo related
to strategies of net activism, and a wide range of reports, interviews and
comments from around the world.

The nettime moderators, doing the daily admin and editorial work are Ted
Byfield (New York), Scott McPhee (Sydney), Andrea Mayr (Vienna) and Felix
Stalder (Toronto). There are also nettime lists in Dutch, French, Romanian
and Spanish/Portuguese. More information or these lists, other lists "in the
neighborhood" and how to un/subscribe you can find on


to subscribe to <nettime-l>, the international list (in English),
send a message like this *from the email address you want
subscribed to the list*:

To: majordomo
Subject: <none>

With the following line in the message:

subscribe nettime-l your email.address


 to subscribe to <nettime-l-digest>, send a message like this
     *from the email address you want subscribed to the list*:

To: majordomo

In the message:

subscribe nettime-l-digest you some.tld


<nettime-bold>: the pre-moderated version of nettime

all messages sent to nettime-l are automatically forwarded to
<nettime-bold>; however, messages sent to nettime are *not*

to subscribe to <nettime-bold>, go to:


The contact addresses of the non-English lists are:

Nettime in English: Moderators group, nettime
Nettime in Dutch: Menno Grootveld, rabotnik
Nettime in French: Nathalie Magnan, volt
Nettime in Romanian: Alexandru Patatics, ap
Nettime in Spanish/Portuguese: Fran Ilich, ilich

Organisation: projekt

[English translation]
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