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Re: [ox] what I meant to say...

On Thu, 3 May 2001, LutzH wrote:

6. How to link with the needs of developing countries (or, maybe, the
other way round...)

Phew, that's difficult! Being based on the internet as the medium of
discussion and organization it'll be a major difficulty to reach people
in less 'developed' countries.

No, I don't think its so difficult - the TRIPs agreement gives an
immediate identity of interest between free software hackers and people
in many other fields in less developed countries (is that more PC, Franz?)
- the fight against software patents and against imposition of genetically
modified seed, or against refusal to allow local manufacture of medicine
at cost, is part of the same thing.
See for example:
where there is a direct parallel between these issues and software
from the 'other side' (its only a minor point in that article though).

And IMO very large numbers of people in EVERY country (OK, possibly not
some African countries most affected by war) have access to the internet.
Even if its only 5% of the population and not 50%, thats still a lot
of people.


Organisation: projekt

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