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Re: Contribute something - expect what? (was: Re: [ox] Re: freie Kooperation)

6 days ago Annette Schlemm wrote:
Dieses "contribute nothing - expect everything" und das auch noch ohne
moralische Bedenken: Das ist einer der entscheidend neuen Aspekte an
der Freien Software.

und der Vollständigkeit halber auch

	contribute something - expect something

Both seem like you are skirting round 'from each according to his
abilities; to each, according to his needs' - not such an 'entscheidend
neue Aspekte' (at least in ideas, if not in reality). In that spirit, 
how about:

'Contribute what you can; take what you need'

with no moralising about those who cannot contribute, and no
apparent command to 'contribute nothing'.

PS sorry about the english; my german is improving slowly, but it will
take a long time before I can confidently use words like
'Selbstentfaltungsaspekt' ;-)

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