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Re: [ox] MIT goes open culture?


On Fre, 13 Apr 2001, Stefan Merten wrote:
Last week (8 days ago) Franz J Nahrada wrote:

Wird es eine General Public License geben?

Wir werden sehen. Aber was in der Meldung stand, klang ja sehr
| 8. What intellectual property policies will govern OCW materials?
| The policies toward the intellectual property created for MIT OCW
| will be clear and consistent with other policies for scholarly
| material used in education. Faculty will retain ownership of most
| materials prepared for MIT OCW, following the MIT policy on
| textbook authorship. MIT will retain ownership only when
| significant use has been made of the Institute's resources. If
| student course work is placed on the MIT OCW site, then copyright
| in the work remains with the student.

Sieht das wie eine General Public License aus???


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