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[ox] Kann dem Mann jemand helfen?

Kann dem Mann jemand helfen?

Kurt-Werner Pörtner

 Thema:  (open) Microsoft for borders
Datum:  26.06.01 15:20:55 (MEZ) - Mitteleurop. Sommerzeit
From:   antti.rautiainen (Antti Rautiainen)
Sender: worker-openeurope
Reply-to:   openeurope
To: openeurope

Hi people, 

I have used Microsoft's listbot service to make archive
for openeurope-list, but since August they want
money for that and otherwise will destroy
all archives. Never trust corporations!

Unfortunately, copying archives seems to be too 
big work to me in case 2-3 other persons in the list
are not ready to copy 100-200 messages each.
Archive is at

If someone has hints about new solutions for
archive, or new server to which move openeurope, 
drop me a hint. Otherwise list will be without archives
after a week, since from 2nd of july I most likely
will not be in the net. 

Antti R. 
Organisation: projekt

[English translation]
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