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Re: Wagner and views on history (was: Re: [chox] Re: Does anyone ever read these posted links? ...)

On 3 Mar 2004 at 9:43, Casimir Purzelbaum wrote:

Why the hell is this one single thing so very important when
to my knowledge (and the Britannica's), it had near-zero effect on
either his world, the world thereafter or anything who had anything
to do with him? (I think it safe to say Hitler's anti-semitism would
have been unaffected by Wagner's).

Yes and no. As you said yourself: his views where not some
personal weirdness or peculiarity. Which is why I do see a
connection to later times. Would think Hitler would have invented
anti-semitism, had it not been sewn and grown before his time?

This is a very simplistic view of European society - from the very
earliest writings of Christianity there is a substantial anti-Jew
bias (on the basis that the New Testament says they killed Christ -
which surprises me, because from my interpretation they say he had to
die anyway in order to redeem mankind). As of the Crusades and Europe
was once again beginning to flex its military muscle, the money to
finance wars came invariably from Jews - this breeds a major
antipathy against them from almost everyone (not least because
christianity bans usary).

The point is not that Hitler disliked Jews, it's that he put into
practice the logical consequence of disliking them. And this proved
unpalatable enough that it changed a great deal - however, I think
the secularisation of European society and spreading around of wealth
had a *far* greater effect than WW2.

Wagner is only one representative of this ideology, but a very
prominent one. And the ideology certainly did have an effect on

I really can't see why we bother singling this out. In fact, if
Hitler hadn't liked Wagner's music I bet we wouldn't even bother.
After all, why say a lemon is yellow when all lemons are yellow?



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